Relation of Model Ayyan Ali with Asif Zardari

Relation of Model Ayyan Ali with Asif Zardari

Ayan Ali is a commonly known Pakistani model and actress who received the ‘Best Female Emerging Model’ award along with many other Lux Style Awards. Previously, she has attended several modeling festivals in different cities around the world including London, England.

Recently, this talented model was caught in a money laundering case. It was also reported that Asif Ali Zardari, ex president of Pakistan, had provided Ayan Ali with 2 private guards and a Prado along with a bullet proof car in order to keep her under protection.Zulfiqar Mirza also exposed to the media that Asif Ali Zardari made sure that Ayan Ali reached Bilawal House safely at night and exited it safely with full protection in the mornings.



Zulfiqar Mirza Another attack on Asif Ali Zardari in a live show with Dr.Shahid Maqsood. He blamed that Asif Ali Zarda another afair with Veena Hayyat.Zulfiqar Mirza telling a story in a live show that once Asif Ali Zardi meet Veena Hayyat .

when Banzir Bhutto update from this news she called me in her house when i’m reached what i say that she was sat on a soffa and crying when i see this i’m totally out off control she asked me that tells me about Asif Ali Zardari and Veena Hayyat relation she asked me what kind off relation in between us at that time i lied with her that i’m white about this news.