Lahore Girls and Boys dating in Park caught on Camera

Lahore is the 2nd biggest city of Pakistan. It is the biggest city and capital of Punjab and is known by its history. There's a big park in Lahore which is on the name of Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan. 

Jinnah Park is near to the Lahore zoo, people come to this park for a walk and to enjoy the weather of Lahore. Weather in Lahore is always very pleasant after 5pm and families go to parks to enjoy the weather. 

Most of the times they spend their time by sitting under the shadow of trees and some people do exercise here as well. Few families come to Jinnah Park after showing zoo animals to their kids.  

Few days ago a Pakistani TV Channel showed a footage with hidden cam that what's really is happening in this famous family park. They showed in this scandal that young girls and boys now come here for dating purpose.

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They give ransom to the guards of the park so they can enjoy dating and won't get disturbed by anyone. They even showed that boys and girls were kissing in the public park. 

What shocking is, they even told in the news that you can even get call girls in this park by paying money to the guards. You just need to pay 400 rupees to the guards or staff of the park to get a room in this park for those call girls. 

This park was made for families so they can come and enjoy in this park, but shockingly now girls and boys are using the park for something else which is not good. Government needs to take action on this so families can again come to this park and get rid of call girls and those boys and girls who uses park for bad purposes.