What Happened When FIA Raid on S-E-X Point

What Happened When FIA Raid on S-E-X Point

Karachi is the biggest and one of the most modern cities of Pakistan. Yesterday FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) raided a sex point or a brothel in Karachi where they found girls were selling their bodies which is an illegal act in Pakistan.

People have made it their business to earn money. Our country Pakistan was made on the name of Islam where people can live freely, but now people a misusing the freedom.

They think freedom means that they can do whatever they want in this country. In the footage which we are showing you will see those sex workers will use the backdoor to run from FIA.

They were on the first floor of the building and they were coming down like a spider because there were no stairs to come down.

What Happened When FIA Raid on S- e- x Point by JahazVId

Men were catching them when they were trying to come down from the first floor. Few of those girls even got injured while coming down in a risky way. They were hiding their faces while running from FIA.